Leading Customer Experience in the Nordic Region


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Leading Customer Experience



GoExcellent is a Nordic Customer Experience company delivering World Class customer service to our clients. We are specialized in operating contact centers in the Nordics.
Leading Customer Experience for us, means that each and every person in our Customer Experience team is passionate about helping customers. Leading Customer Experience also means managing an ecosystem of tools and communication channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, email and live chat, self service, and on-the-phone, to secure the best possible experience for our customers. Our tools are leading systems and contact center platforms for omnichannel or multichannel interaction. We work by World Class standards for Customer Experience, COPC® , supported by our own, unique customer experience in the Nordic market.



Our Passion is Helping Customers

Our true passion is helping customers. This is also our core business. We all share this very same passion for helping customers. Our core values are Lead – Learn – Share. Working with customer interaction is both challenging and rewarding. Our passion for helping customers also means taking every opportunity to improve and learn from every interaction. We learn from our experience and we share our learnings. 24/7/365. This is how we live and breathe Customer Experience every day. Lead – Learn – Share.


Leading Nordic Experience

Our knowledge about Customer Experience in the Nordics is comprehensive. As a matter of fact, we were first in the Nordics to be certified by international customer service standards, COPC®. COPC® certifications prove ability to deliver World Class customer service. We are located in all the Nordic capitals, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. Our services are of course available in all Nordic languages, as well as English.


The Customer Journey

The Customer Journey is a cycle that never ends. It is a journey that starts before one becomes a customer. Our solutions cover the whole customer lifecyle. We earn customer loyalty through Leading Customer Experience.

Questions and Challenges we love

Questions and Challenges we love

How is our customer onboarding?
How can we improve/increase sales?
Are we available where our potential customers are?
How is the quality of our customer touchpoints?
Or conversion from web is too low!?
Are we on top of Facebook, Twitter and social media 24/7?
How can we leverage on self service?
Who is interacting with our customers on Facebook and Twitter?
We have excellent CSAT, but too high customer churn?



«After 18 years in the industry I know by default that GoExcellent is a crucial factor for our development, and our most important vendor of technology and competence.» Tord Jansson, Chef Kundtjänst, Samhall AB


«GoExcellent’s world class customer care is crucial for keeping our promise to our customers. GoExcellent’s knowledge and competence about the Customer Journey, and their broad experience in the TV broadcast business are two important reasons for choosing GoExcellent as a partner for our Award Winning customer services.» Janne Rosbæk, Customer Service Manager, Boxer


«GoExcellent handles support for our Electrolux customers and consumers in Norway and Sweden to achieve best customer satisfaction and provide high support for our customers’ and consumers’ needs, every day. GoExcellent IT Services develops and delivers advanced IT solutions for Electrolux and our Service partners. We started our partnership with GoExcellent in 2001.» Tobias Friedrich – Consumer Care Call Center Manager Nordic Cluster


Our Services



Welcome Interactions

Gain increased customer loyalty by wishing your customers welcome

Customer care/Technical Support

Our passion in business is helping customers. COPC® certification for advanced services & solutions.

Customized up- and cross sales

In the Age of the Customer, customization of your offerings is the way to go

Loyalty building interactions

Build customer loyalty by interacting with your customers. Give your customers a call or pop a live chat right there on your web page.

Social media moderation

Companies realize that Customer Service are best skilled to moderate their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts

Proactive Web Support

Want eCommerce success? Guide your customers safely through your web shop.


Work continuously with First Call Resolution (FCR) analyses and improvements to optimize your customer service.

Net Promotor Score

Measure your Net Promotor Score (NPS) to get insight in whether your customers would recommend your products/services


Stay proactive by finding and fixing the Root Cause of a problem, rather than mending the ramifications.